A Call for Feedback: the ITC (UN/WTO) wants to hear from businesses on the impact of BREXIT on regional trade

The International Trade Centre (ITC) is conducting a survey to generate feedback from regional companies to determine the impact of BREXIT on regional trade as a part of the UKTP-CARIFORUM project to empower more businesses to engage in trade and expand existing trade activities. The purpose of the survey is to:

  • Capture pre- and post- BREXIT experiences;
  • Assess awareness and use of preferential market access through existing agreements;
  • Identify company needs to tap into EU and UK markets.

Importers and exporters are encouraged to participate. The results will be used to create an online portal to assist regional businesses involved in trade with the EU and UK and better support small and medium-sized companies that are currently engaging in trade or have a desire to do so.

Those who wish to participate in the survey can do so by completing a brief online form at www.ntmsurvey.org/call4feedback.

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