CarIPI and EUIPO representatives encourage Bahamian government in its pursuit of IP reforms

In a discussion with MOFSTII’s Trade & Industry Unit, representatives for the CarIPI and EUIPO expressed positive sentiments regarding the government’s plan to upgrade the Intellectual Property Office through the recently announced Invest Bahamas initiat

How Intellectual Property Rights protect business owners and boost investor confidence

A conversation with CarIPI and EUIPO representatives on regional Intellectual Property rights The Trade & Industry Unit sat down with CARIFORUM Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights project (CarIPI) and European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) representatives to discuss the important work that the organization is doing to promote awareness and enforcement of intellectual property rights

Naturally Bahamian: The company preserving heritage through Bahamian-made products.

Denise Worrell is an entrepreneur who is as proud of her Bahamian heritage as she is patriotic. Her company, Naturally Bahamian (, produces a wide range of natural products made from locally sourced ingredients.

Onassis Nottage: Having Fun While Leading the Digital Revolution

“I want to see The Bahamas become a truly digitally country. It doesn’t matter if I am the one to do it or not. It’s my dream to see that transformation take place.” Those are the words of Onassis Nottage, the co-founder of Gold Collar (, a Bahamas-based web development, app development, and AI

Getting Ready to Export: Local manufacturer and export consultant, Kentisha Ward, shares her experience

“When you design your product, you should also think about how you want your product to look on the shelf”, said Kentisha Ward, export consultant and owner of a local popsicle factory, in an interview with the Trade Unit at the Ministry of Financial Services, Trade & Industry and Immigration.