Staying True To You and Loving What You Do: The Keys to Success As A Bahamian Creative.

Our conversation with Eugene “Geno D” Davis on being a Bahamian creative “To be a success, you must have a love for what you do, pursue it with determination, and stay true to what makes you a Bahamian a

An Overview of Caribbean Export’s Approach to Promoting Regional Trade and Investments

We sat down with Caribbean Export Development Agency’s (CEDA) Services Specialist, Allyson Francis, who filled us in on the agency’s current objectives and programmes that are set to drive increased exports and investments in the reg

Unleashing the Potential of Regional Creatives

An interview with Caribbean Export Development Agency Services Specialist Allyson Francis As the Caribbean Export Development Agency’s (CEDA) Services Specialist, Allyson Francis is well versed in all of the agency’s efforts to drive trade and investment growth within the region, so she was the perfect person to talk to for this month’s issue focused on

CarIPI and EUIPO representatives encourage Bahamian government in its pursuit of IP reforms

In a discussion with MOFSTII’s Trade & Industry Unit, representatives for the CarIPI and EUIPO expressed positive sentiments regarding the government’s plan to upgrade the Intellectual Property Office through the recently announced Invest Bahamas initiat

How Intellectual Property Rights protect business owners and boost investor confidence

A conversation with CarIPI and EUIPO representatives on regional Intellectual Property rights The Trade & Industry Unit sat down with CARIFORUM Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights project (CarIPI) and European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) representatives to discuss the important work that the organization is doing to promote awareness and enforcement of intellectual property rights