Press Releases

PDF: MOFSTII Industries Encouragement Act: Cartwright’s Bedding

PDF: UNCTAD 15 Conference: From Inequality and Vulnerability to Prosperity for All

Building on the theme of the UNCTAD14 conference, which emphasized the need to move from decision to action, UNCTAD’s 15th quadrennial conference, UNCTAD15, seeks a concrete decade of action in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals.

PDF: Building a Trade and Investment Partnership with Rising Africa

Published: 31 Aug, 2021 Many Caribbean countries mark Emancipation in the month of August. Indeed, the CARICOM Community celebrates this historical milestone on 1st August annually. During this time, we reflect on the end of slavery which will forever remain a stain etched on the collective conscience of humanity.

PDF: GATEWAY Magazine, Fall Edition 2021: “The Bahamas from A 360 Perspective”.

Please enjoy the GATEWAY Magazine, Fall Edition 2021 with insights on “The Bahamas from A 360 Perspective”. You can access the online version here: GATEWAY MAGAZINE FALL 2021.

MOFSTII FinTech Digital Assets Interview with Stefen Deleveaux and Dr. P. Jillian Bethell. 

Early this year, The Ministry of Financial Services, Trade & Industry and Immigration had a fascinating sit-down with Mr. Stefen Deleveaux, President Caribbean Blockchain Alliance and Dr. P. Jillian Bethell, Co-Founder & CEO, IslandBit Limited as a follow up to the FinTech and Digital Assets Symposium held in March, 2021.